Special Announcements

Financial Secretary Job Description

The Financial Secretary shall be appointed annually by the church council at its first business meeting following the congregations annual meeting. The Financial Secretary shall not be an officer of the council.

Responsibilities of the Financial Secretary:

  • Serve on the Finance Committee and provide report(s) to the Committee as requested
  • Immediately following services, ensure the offerings are placed in a secure location within the church
  • As soon as possible, with a witness present, all monetary offerings and/or donations are to counted, recording (if known) name of contributor, date of contribution and amount of contribution and then properly prepared for deposit. All documents shall be initialed by participants
  • The deposit slip and the funds are promptly taken to the financial institution used by the congregation at the time for deposit
  • At month end, a report shall be given to the Accounts Payable Clerk showing total of all monetary funds received and the account the funds are to be allocated to
  • In the event that the Financial Secretary is unavailable to collect and secure funds i.e. not at a service, fundraiser or special event, the Financial Secretary shall ask two (2) members of the congregation to receive and secure the funds within the church
  • At the end of the calendar year, the Financial Secretary shall assure that statements are sent to all known contributors itemizing their contributions
  • May be subject to a Background Check
Welcome Back!

First Lutheran Church, Iron River, MI. will open for services on Sunday June 21st. Services will be held at 8 and 10 A.M. Sanitation measures will be taken between services. We will have hand sanitizer available, however we encourage you to bring your own.

We highly encourage the wearing of masks. If you do not have a mask, we will have masks available for you to use and keep. Social distancing will be practiced prior to, during and after the services. We will limit seating to every other pew. We ask for and thank you for your cooperation. 

We will continue to broadcast the 10 A.M. service on WIKB 99.1 FM. The 10 AM will be aired on Facebook and our web site; firstlutheranironriver.com. We ask that if you feel ill or are not comfortable attending a service, you stay in the comfort of your home and join us via the media outlets available.

Wafer only communion will be available at the end of both services. Pastor will direct the flow.

We will have a "hands off" policy, therefore bulletins will not be provided, you may follow the service on the screens in the sanctuary, hymnals, sign-in sheets and offering envelopes will not be available in the pews. Offering plates will be placed in the rear of the sanctuary and not passed down the pews. We ask that you limit the "Sharing of The Peace" to hand gestures if not with your household family.

Trust in the Lord....fear not.

Take care and God bless,

Gale Holm

First Lutheran Council President

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