Prayer List

Comfort for those who have lost loved ones

The Bensen Family

Health & Healing

Joan, Presli, Dolly, Ryson, Tom, Gale, Jane, Crystal, Shawn, Maureen, Peter, Bill, Abbi, Hailey, Amy, Mae Alice, Myrna, Abby, Tracey, Larry, Terri, Julie, Carla, Marilyn, Elizabeth, Liz, Paul, Lane, Heather & family, and Jon.

Comfort & strength for those in care centers or home-bound

Bonnie, Joyce, Alice, Ann, Adeline, Donna & Tom, Carl, George, Alice & Steve, Evelyn, Cheryl, Orville, Baynard, Ardis, Ethlyn, Esther, Eunnice, Bruce, Erich & Nora, and Lucille.

Health Care Workers:

Heather, Cindy, Christy, Drew, Katie, Michael, Sara, Tracey, Kristen, Kim, Michelle, Nicole, LeAnne, Holly, Donna, Karalynne, Kim, Krista, Dale, and Sheila