Prayer List

Comfort for those who have lost loved ones

The Wolf, Hotvedt, & Skirvanie families.

Health & Healing

Joan, Presli, Dolly, Ryson, Tom, Gale, Jane, Crystal, Shawn, Maureen, Peter, Bill, Abbi, Hailey, Amy, Mae Alice, Myrna, Abby, Tracey, Larry, Terri, Julie, Carla, Elizabeth, Liz, Paul, Lane, Heather & family, and Jon.

Comfort & strength for those in care centers or home-bound

Bonnie, Joyce, Alice, Ann, Adeline, Donna & Tom, Carl, George, Alice & Steve, Evelyn, Cheryl, Orville, Baynard, Ardis, Ethlyn, Esther, Eunnice, Bruce, Nora, and Lucille.

Health Care Workers:

Heather, Cindy, Christy, Drew, Katie, Michael, Sara, Tracey, Kristen, Kim, Michelle, Nicole, LeAnne, Holly, Donna, Karalynne, Kim, Krista, Dale, and Sheila