Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Sowing seeds of grace; growing faith in Christ.

Mission Statement

Complementary to our vision is a list of mission statements describing how we can make a difference in the lives of the people around us.

By sowing seeds of grace we make a difference in people’s lives by:

  • Discerning God’s plan through the study of His Word
  • Sharing the Good News by our words and actions
  • Being good Stewards of all of God’s creation
  • Having excellent programs that will nourish those who participate
  • Creating opportunities for active fellowship that abounds both in and outside of the building
  • Having great communications with our congregation and community about our ministry
  • Embracing over 125 years of history while creating future growth and promise

There is no room for hate or bias in our Christian congregation. All are welcome.

Communion is open to all baptized Christians.

The role of the people of God is to act. These statements are simply to help us focus on becoming living stewards of God’s work in areas we believe will impact our church and community most beneficially.

Please read and re-read these few lines and decide for yourself how you can become a part of the mission that God has called us to here at First Lutheran Church in Iron River. Without your help, we have no church.